Friday, December 5, 2008

Strange Musings

Have you ever wondered who was the first to try certain foods? For example, who was the first person brave enough (or dumb enough) to eat an ordinary egg? "Oh, let's try this white thing the chicken dropped and see if it is any good to eat!"

Knowing what goes in hot dogs - you know ... the chicken/pig/cow hybrid mix? Who was the dunce who got rooked into tasting it first? I'm sure it goes back to Germany, but imagine the following conversation when the very first hot dog was made:

Wilhelm: Well, there it is. The very first wienersnitzel.
Johann: Since you made it, you try it.
Wilhelm: Nein! You are the guest. You go first.
Johann: I saw all the chicken and pig parts you put in there. I'm not real hungry.
(Well ... I think you get the picture.)

And how would you like to have been the doofus who discovered which mushrooms NOT to eat?

So next time you order those eggs "over easy' or bite down into that dog at the 'ole ball game, think of those trailblazers who cleared the path ahead of you.

Have a great day!

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