Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Afterthoughts

Now that the election is over and we now know that President-Elect Obama is the next guy in the White House, I wish to reiterate what I wrote on Monday, leading up to the election.

God is still on the throne. Not for one minute do I believe God is sitting up in Heaven, scratching His head, and saying, "Uhh ... I didn't expect that." Nor has God's plan changed or been thwarted. And no, I do not believe that Barack Obama's election is some fulfillment of end time prophecy. God knows what He is doing and if He can't work through Mr. Obama, He will work in spite of him.

The Church's mandate has not changed. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to impact our world with the love of Jesus.

We are commanded to pray for those in authority over us. Even if we did not vote for President-Elect Obama, we can pray for him. Being President is a tiresome, thankless job. I have no doubt he will spend many sleepless nights dealing with the problems of the nation. Our first response ought to be prayer - not ridicule. Let's pray that God would guide all the decision making that will be done over the next few months.

I close with this thought: Once again we have seen good ole American democracy at work. Whether we like the outcome or not, I'm thankful to be allowed to have a choice. In the United States, we change our leaders with ticker tape parades - not with lines of tanks and armed soldiers. My guy didn't win, but I am no less an American today than I was yesterday.

Perhaps that is truly what America is all about.

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