Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving, and our Community Thanksgiving Dinner at church is over for 2008. We sent out about 125-130 meals to shut-ins and local law enforcement personnel who were working the holiday. We also served a number of others who came to the church to eat. One lady came all the way from Los Angeles, CA to spend Thanksgiving home with her mom, and they came to eat dinner at church.

I don't think we'll ever fully know how the dinner touches the lives of those who receive them. Many of them are alone and have no one else to share the holiday with. Others can't leave their homes due to illness or disabilities.

And we certainly appreciate those police officers and other government folks who are forced to miss family meals as they work to keep the rest of us safe. My daughter and I delivered meals to the dispatching unit for the county sheriff's office. It was neat to been taken right in to their communications center and see all the computers and phones and electronic gizmos that most of us think nothing of until we need them.

I appreciate the volunteers who make this dinner happen. Our church family rises to the occasion every year and this year was no different. Folks come early and work more all day - on a holiday. But it isn't just church folks. We had a family come in who was not affiliated with our church. The grandmom lives here locally. Her son and his family were visiting from the Boston area up in Massachusetts. They came to help us deliver a few meals and to clean up following the meal. It was so great meeting them and having their help.

If you live in Southwest Ohio, come join for Thanksgiving 2009!

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