Monday, November 17, 2008

GPS Follow-Up

A few days ago, I mentioned we were looking at GPS devices. We decided to go with the Garmin Nuvi 255.

One thing we decided was that if we were going to invest in one, we needed to get one that could do double duty: for walking and driving. Since we have gotten it, we have played with it and really like it. It seems to be extremely accurate.

I really like have turn-by-turn directions. So far, we've only used it to go places we already knew directions to, as we are getting used to it. If it sends us a route we don't normally take, we just do our own thing, and the device will say, "Recalculating!" I'm looking forward to punching in an address to a place I have never been and allow the device to get us there. The Nuvi 255 also has a feature where you press "Send Me Home." No matter where you are or how lost you are, the device will plot your way back home. That will come it handy, I'm sure.

We even have found a couple of geocaches with it (See The weather has turned cold, with wind and some snow flurries, so we haven't been able to look for many geocaches. But if we can catch a mild day when we're off from work, I have a feeling I know what we'll be doing.

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TCKK said...

I have a feeling I know what we'll be doing too!!