Thursday, November 6, 2008

Interesting Looking Hobby

Have you ever heard of "Geocaching"? Well I hadn't either until earlier this week. But "geocaching" involves using a GPS device to find hidden "treasures" that have been planted by people.

There are over 680,000 treasures or "caches" that have been hidden all over the United States, and the number is growing daily. These caches can be hidden in trees, under rocks, in fenceposts - just about anywhere the hider can place them. The cache is usually some small air-tight/watter proof container that usually has some kind of note that says, "You found it!" or some such message.

Once the cache is hidden, the hider posts the GPS coordinates on the internet at a website such as Folks who want to geocache will then take those coordinates, and using their own GPS device, attempt to find the hidden cache. Evidently this hobby is growing in popularity. Occasionally a group of folks will sponsor an event where dozens of folks will compete to find hidden caches. My wife has gone with a couple friends to find two or three caches near our house, and she really enjoys it. Now that our kids are older and the wife and I are finding more "couple's" time, this is something we can do together.

We do not own a GPS device, but we have started researching them. One of the most popular GPS devices among avid geocachers is THIS ONE. But the cheapest price I have been able to find it for is about $302. We may have to settle for one LIKE THIS.

I'll keep you posted on this ...

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